Sansa Stark, the R-word, and Quitting Game of Thrones

SansaLast Sunday night, Game of Thrones 6th episode aired on HBO with an ending scene that left a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans worldwide.   The scene in particular showcased a newlywed Sansa Stark (now Sansa Bolton, I guess. That’s weird) being raped by her husband Ramsay Bolton, while Theon watched in anguish.  The aftermath led to many writers and online publications making the decision to no longer provide any further Game of Thrones content for their medium. In fact, it caused such a shit storm that folks who don’t even watch the show started to condemn the audiences who have the capacity to separate real life from an adaptation of fiction. Now, there are some who’ve taken a more nuanced approach to the subject, and some of the reasoning for boycotting makes sense. I’m not going to be one of those folks who calls out those with a differing opinion, but I will focus on the logic behind the decision, or the lack thereof.  This will be a long post so please, bear with me. Warning, there be spoilers ahead.   Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 4 Review – “Sons of the Harpy”


Sons of the Harpy on the move!

This last episode from Game of Thrones has me the most pumped up about the remaining season more so than any previous episode.  Sure, each of the previous episodes had excellent public execution scenes, chilling moments at the Wall and the Vale, and there’s always the lovely sighting of Drogon in episode 2 to rejoice over.  However, nothing could prepare me for any mention of Rhaegar’s past, Littlefinger’s endgame, or that last heartbreaking scene.  You fought valiantly, brave sir.  You will be missed. Full recap and spoilers up to episode 4 after the jump. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 2 Review – “The House of Black and White”

Game_of_Thrones_S5E2_Trystane_MyrcellaAfter a brilliantly shot and well paced season premiere, we are now fully back into the thick of things in Westeros and not a moment too soon.  Tywin is dead and gone, Cersei is enraged by Tyrion’s escape, Jon is ducking ambiguous advances by the Red Woman, and the Imp is drinking himself to death in hopes it will drown out his guilt of killing his lover and father.  It was a good start — nothing too intense, yet nothing too resembling of a Sunday service from Ben Stein either.  A few scenes could have been excluded such as the Missandei and Grey Worm “why would an Unsullied go to a brothel” scene, but overall I felt it was a natural springboard into a season that will introduce many new faces and themes to captivate the audience as never before.  I’ve got a good feeling the first few episodes are going to be slower of pace in order to build up for what I believe will be the best collection of a final 4 episode arc we’ve seen from Game of Thrones.  “The House of Black and White” did a fantastic job of continuing these stories and re-introducing a fan favorite we all missed from the premiere. Continue reading

Vikings Season 3 – Episode 9 Review – Breaking Point

You're out of your element, Chuck

You’re out of your element, Chuck

I’m not exactly sure what we just saw.  I’m not exactly sure where this show is going as we head into the final 46 minutes of the season.  I’m not exactly sure what the hell that fever dream of Ragnar’s was about.  I’m not exactly sure why time was even spent in Wessex considering everything that is happening outside the walls of Paris.

What I am sure of; however, is that you are not supposed to be pissing that much blood, you’re not supposed to be coughing up that much blood, and you’re not supposed to curl up in your own vomit and excrement while having a near-comatose vision of two conflicting gods and your dead best friend.  Those are signs of death, Ragnar.  Not a clean, easy, or proud death like every Viking dreams of, but a painful, drawn-out in agony type of death that all men fear deep down.  Is this what awaits me in the season finale? Will Vikings pull a Game of Thrones and kill off the main character in Ragnar in the finale? Will there ever be any resolution to Lagertha and Kalf? Bjorn and Thorunn? Erlindur and Torvi? Floki and Helga? Floki and Ragnar? Ragnar and Aslaug? Ragnar and Lagertha? Ragnar and King Ecbert?! Guess we’ll have to wait and see because the penultimate episode of the 3rd season did very little to touch on any of those conflicts, focusing on anything and everything else regarding Paris. Let’s discuss this further after the jump.

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Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 2 – “House of Black and White” Promo Video

For everyone asking, “Where in the seven hells is Arya?” based on her omission from the season premiere last Sunday, there is no need to fret.  She will be returning this week along with series newcomers Prince Doran of Dorne and his Captain of the Guard, Area Hotah.  We’ll also get our first look at the Water Gardens of Dorne, which I’m greatly excited about.  Not too sure about the possibility of seeing the Sand Snakes this early on in the season, but this should be the first time we see the new location and story line for the southern kingdom.

As far as the new trailer goes, we get a presumably pissed off Ellaria Sand, the paramour of our beloved and deformed Prince Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper; and his brother, Prince Doran of Dorne played by the always excellent Alexander Siddig.  Also we get a glimpse of what was previously shown from the original trailer where Cersei receives a lion necklace in the mouth of a viper as a “gift from Dorne”.  That necklace was one her daughter Myrcella was given, and to me it is a clear sign of power-checking from Dorne, although I’m none too sure as to who sent such a package. Knowing that it would obviously enrage Cersei and prompt swift retribution, I cannot imagine this came from someone at the top of Dorne politics as it screams “over-doing” it, but then again – the Dornish are known for their brashness.

Looking forward to picking up where we left off from “The Wars to Come”, and I’m really hoping we get some Bolton scenes this Sunday.  Say what you want about their tactics, but I find them to be one of the most interesting families in Westeros.

Thoughts on the promo?